Schwäbisch Hall: Red roofs


Schwäbisch Hall is a neighboring city from Stuttgart and famous for its lovely surroundings. It takes about an hour by train, and so it’s very easy to reach from Stuttgart. A nice one-day trip. It’s peaceful and very children-friendly with parks, events, theatrical performances throughout the year and even it’s own castle/monastery.

Schwäbisch Hall literally means the “Schwaben,” or Swabia region, and a special salt production method known as Hall. It has a long history as a university town. (There’s a Goethe Institute and various schools that offer different programs and lectures. There’s even the Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga, which I thought was cool.) Beware, however, if you are anything like me, who likes to go to museums, markets, historical areas and also like to hang out in urban environments and basically likes to GO to places within a city, it may be a little TOO simple and peaceful.

Schwäbisch Hall 굳이 한글로 하면 슈베비쉬할. 독일 발음이란. 한글은 발음이 상대적으로 자유로워, 특히 영어를 조금 한다면 발음하기가 좀 수월한데 특히 G처럼 굵직한 이탈리아어 발음이 있는 이탈리아인들에게는 어려운 발음이 독일 발음. 스튜트가르트에서 한시간정도 기차타고 가면 있는 이 도시는 연극, 아름다운 풍경 등으로 유명한 곳. 개인적으로는 좀 심심한 느낌이 없지 않아 있었던 곳. 바덴바덴과는 다른 느낌인데 너무 평화로워서 뭔가 도시 전체가 박물관같은 느낌.

비행기에서 독일을 내려다봤을때 가장 눈에 띄는건 역시나 붉은 지붕들. 이탈리아나 바르셀로나의 경우엔 가끔 파란 네모 수영장들도 보이고 하는데 독일은 나무, 밭, 붉은 지붕. 아, 자동차 도로도. 얼마전 맞은편 건물의 지붕이 비 때문에 망가져서 덩치가 산만한 인부들이 고치는 모습을 구경…하는데 하나하나 붉은 타일들을 손으로 붙이는 모습에 우리나라의 기와를 떠올렸다. 붉은 이유이는 벽돌이라서. 의외로 간단한 이유.


3As soon as you walk toward the city center, you can find the St. Michael Church. It’s actually on a small hill, so you can easily walk toward it from afar. The city holds various performances and concerts in the square right in front of the church, which has become a trademark and popular attraction of the city over the years.


s2Another must-see place near the city is the Grosscomburg Monastery. While the St. Michael Church is in the city center, but the monastery is located a bit far away from the center and resembles a real castle. Well, technically, it was part of a castle. The monastery was founded as a Benedictine monastery in 1078 and overlooks the Kocher valley. In other words, breathtaking views.

이 지역에서 가장 유명한 곳 중 하나는 그로스콤부르크 수도원. 성의 일부분으로 지어져서 동화책에 나오는 성의 모습을 본뜨고 있다. 많은 성들이 그렇듯 언덕에 위치하고 있어서 주변 경치를 볼 수 있고 수도원 안에도 거닐 수 있게 해서 Schwäbisch Hall을 방문했다면 한번은 가볼만한 곳.


s1Very peaceful indeed. The monastery has a lot of long halls, bridges and (secret) passageways. Now it’s more of a touristic area where you can walk around, walk into the building and also have tea or coffee. It’s a bit of an uphill climb, so I would recommend taking a car, but it’s not impossible to walk up. I walked. To be very frank, I got lost and had no choice BUT to walk up. Sad, but true.

s4You can also find the Kunsthalle Würth, which is a major art attraction in the area. It caters to artists and travellers alike, and also offers a view of the city.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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