Hello, my name is Rachel Sang-hee Han. 한글은 아래로 스크롤!

I’m a freelance journalist/editor. I worked at CNN Travel and The Korea Times and I still occasionally write for them. I started this blog for two reasons: 1) I love travel and photography, and 2) I couldn’t find a blog that satisfied my needs in both aspects. I’m not fundamentally trying to be a travel agent or tell you where to go and what to do. Google, CNN Travel and other websites like TripAdvisor take care of those for you. I am more into focusing and sharing what interests me, for instance, “what’s fatter, gelato or ice cream?””What’s the difference between green and black olives?””Why do some cathedrals feel so airy?,” along with good food and photos. I’m also married to an Italian, so I may throw in some insider views on Italian culture, and also my about my own Korean culture as well. For a more in-depth introduction, keep reading! ‘_’/

I was born in Seoul, Korea, and grew up in Lawrence, Kansas until I was about eight. My first language was actually both English and Korean, although it was more me listening to my parents speak Korean and me answering in English. There was a period when I was jibber jabbering in a strange language for a few months before I managed to distinguish both. It was hell for my parents but everything worked out. (so no worries to parents who live in a different country other than your home. It all works out!)

I moved back to Seoul and had a hard time at my Korean elementary school because my Korean still needed work. I don’t remember much about my first school year in Seoul, except that I had to stay behind a bit to check on what exactly the homework was and I always wondered why I couldn’t go to the bathroom when I wanted to. By the time I was in my last year of elementary school, I was like any other Korean kid, minus the American accent.

I was pretty determined to become a reporter for a newspaper some day, so I got busy in high school. I started writing articles for the school’s English newspaper and eventually became an editor. Then came the journalism major at Hanyang University and after that, staff reporter at English daily The Korea Times. I loved my job. Every second of it. I loved the whole package: my work, my colleagues, interviewees, bosses and PR people from different fields. Even the night shifts and Sunday shifts. I then decided to take the next step, which led me to CNN Travel. It was a bigger stage and an eye opener, both professionally and personally. I learned to read and write stories with a wider perspective and was also given more responsibility as a journalist and editor.

Now I have moved on as a freelance journalist. I am currently living in Stuttgart, Germany, with my Italian husband who is often referred to as G here. I’m learning German (at school) and Italian (at home), cooking/baking and traveling as much as I can and recording every bit of it.

All of the photos, unless stated at the bottom of a post, are mine and I intend to keep it that way. Welcome again and I hope you enjoy!

Thanks, rachelsanghee.

9.27.2013. (Happy birthday, Mom)

Questions, comments? rachelsanghee@gmail.com

한상희. 어느 언어로든 자기소개는 부끄럽다. 몇학년 몇반, 무슨 과 등의 직급이나 소속이 없는 경우엔 더욱 그런 느낌.

  • 서울 명동 출생 (지금은 사라졌지만 명동 한복판에 병원이 있었다)
  • 미국 캔자스에서 어린 시절을 보내고
  • 다시 서울로 돌아와 아주초, 정신여중, 한영외고, 한양대 신방과, 언론반 졸업
  • 코리아타임즈와 CNN Travel 근무
  • 이탈리아인 남편을 만나 지금은 독일에서 독일어 (학교)와 이탈리아어 (집)을 배우는 중.
  • 둘다 여행을 좋아해 틈만 나면 어디 갈 생각부터. (예: 2014년 3월 현재, 확정된 여행지는 스코틀랜드와 바르셀로나, 미정은 암스테르담.)
  • 사진은 특별히 언급하지 않는 이상 모두 나의 통통한 루믹스 GF1의 작업.
  • 한 곳에 정착하지 못하고 블로그스팟, 텀블러 그리고 결국 워드프레스까지. 관리/정리하기가 가장 복잡하다고 해서 피했는데 결국 여기까지 와버렸네.
  • 일주일에 적어도 두번은 꼭 올리리라 다짐! 대부분 내가 다시 보고 싶어서 올리는거지만 유럽 어딘가를 여행하거나 여기 생활을 궁금해하는 누군가에게 조금이나 재미/도움이 되길 바랍니다 🙂


Photos by rachelsanghee, Chuck Thompson, Kate Breuer and Shim Hyun-chul

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