Five days #13: Spring in Stuttgart

s2I documented Stuttgart’s lovely autumn last year. It was raining, the leaves were falling and so I just picked up my camera and went out. The same thing happened yesterday. Only the leaves were green, there were a lot more people and the sun was shining.



s6I was never a summer person, but living in Germany really made me realize the power of the sun. No sun, no fun. And then I came across two articles regarding Germany, the sun and renewable energy. The article that was published in 2013 explains how Germany, the country that doesn’t get much sun, became a powerhouse in solar energy, while another, only a year later, shows how Germany is now politically losing its options for energy.




s11They were so ready to jump in and attack them.





s14Isn’t the city just BEAUTIFUL? Sigh.

Happy weekend!

All photos by rachelsanghee

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