Paris: Conversing

The hats. The bags. The coats. The scarves. The hands. The thinking and pondering.  How I wished I could understand what they were talking about.

One thing I noticed was the different communication styles. Between Italians and the French, I mean.  I’m used to talking, well, trying to talk, with Italians (both friends and family), so I’m used to the highly-condensed-number-of-words-in-one-sentence style, the hand gestures and the where-the-hell-is-your-comma dialogues.  While the Italians do seem to be everywhere in the conversation, which I’m sure they are not, the French seemed to have a proper beginning, middle and end. At least to my very foreign ears. Not that I could really tell. Dang.

이 매력적인 중년들을 발견하고 허겁지겁 카메라를 들었다. 뭔가 루소의 직접 민주주의와 에밀의 사회학에 대해 열띤 토론을 하고 있을것만 같은 느낌…이지만 막상 들어보면 어제 먹은 토마토 스프가 너무 짰다느니 키우는 고양이가 다음주에 새끼를 낳을 것이라는 등의 시시콜콜한 얘기였으면 어쩌지. 크하하. 모르는게 약.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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