Seoul: Fish market, Part 2

n5Following the first post about the Noryangjin Fish market. I wanted to share the actual seafood they offer. Basically everything. Octopuses were quite popular, while other Korean dinner staples like mackerels, various shellfish and oysters were also selling quite fast. 노량진 시장 2탄은 사람반 생선반. 주말도 아니었는데 부쩍 따뜻해져서 사람들이 많았다. 말그대로 사람반 생선반. n6This guy was all alone. n7Three abalones for 10,000 won, which is around 9 USD or 6-7 euros. n9These are sea squirts, or specifically sea pineapples. They’re called “meonggae” in Korean. I had to search a bit for the name, since it’s mainly consumed in Korea. I’m not a big fan, but my family and G in particular could eat this straight for a week. You normally eat them raw, or mix it up with some rice and veggies like a bibimbap. There’s a place where they do a GREAT sea pineapple bibimbap. Hannam Bugeoguk (02 2297 1988, 73-2 Hannanmdong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul). Everything is really yummy but their meonggae bibimbap was REALLY good. Introduced by my two foodies S and S. 멍게에 대해서 인터넷에 찾아보다가 알게된 사실: 멍게는 주로 우리나라에서만 먹는 해산물이었다. 일본도 먹긴하지만 우리나라처럼 회나 비빔밥 등으로 즐겨먹는 나라는 흔치 않다고. 그리고 더 신기한건 이름이 무려 바다 파인애플! 난 회를 즐긴지 얼마 되지 않아서 아직은 어려운 아이들이 있는데 예를 들면 멍게, 성게, 굴 등. 혼자 생으로는 잘 못먹지만 비빔밥처럼 약간 변형하면 또 먹을 수 있음. 그러니까 생각나는 곳이 한남북엇국의 멍게비빔밥. 육전도 맛있는데… 흑. 소개해준 S와 S에게 무한감사. n10 n12NOT grass. Seaweed family. n13 n14 n15 n16 n17얘네도 잘 못먹음. n20 n27Fried goodies. n28 n29 n30When you are up for some sashimi on the spot, you pick your fish and then the sellers normally either run their own restaurant or have a partnership with one particular one. It’s normally really loud and a bit uncomfortable because you usually have to sit on the floor, but for the experience, I would recommend trying it all the way. The sushi, side dishes, soju and the spicy soup at the end. 솔직히 좀 시끄럽고 지저분하고 바닥에 앉는것도 불편하지만! 바다가 아닌 서울 한복판에서 신선한 회를 먹을 수 있고 오랜만에 특히 가족들과 가면 나름 재밌는 추억거리가 될 수 있다는 점은 인정! n35Places mentioned:

  • Hannam Bugeoguk (02 2297 1988, 73-2 Hannamdong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 용산구 한남동 73-2)
  • Noryangjin Fish market: (서울시 동작구 노들로 688, 688 Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-ku, Seoul) Open all year round.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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