Five days #10, #11: Airports and Best Blog

I thought about skipping last week’s Five days but better late than never. I was traveling from Seoul to Germany Friday morning and went through a pretty intense jet lag.

i6Incheon International Airport being AWESOME is no news. It’s huge, clean, wifi is everywhere, offers various services including a movie theater, ice rink, Korean cultural center and even a cathdral. Whenever I go to an airport, I tend to notice traditional/cultural things about that particular country/city. For example, tulips are everywhere in Schipol, Amsterdam, gummy bears galore in Germany, Moomin in Finland and for Incheon… Louis Vuitton. Kidding. But not really. Here’s proof.

i2And here’s an article that explains all about it. Basically, it’s the world’s first flagship store inside an airport. Cool.

i3But of course there’s more than the luxury brand. I especially like the ceiling, which makes you feel like you’re in a gigantic man made cage/jungle of some sort.


i4A bit of Korean culture mixed into the industrial swirl of while and silver columns. This was actually a cafe on the second floor. It was closed for the day though.

i7Another one that was fully occupied by some Korean ladies who looked very excited for their trip. They were all wearing matching bright yellow and red jackets.


The lovely Mel over at Living in tagged me for the Best Blog Award. Thanks again, Mel. So I have to answer some questions that follow the tag.

bestblogawardWhy did you start your blog? 

I started the blog to document my travels. I worked as a journalist at English daily The Korea Times and CNN Travel, so I’m quite used to documenting, well, anything. I also wanted to share my life and travels with my mom, who’s living in Seoul and too far away to join me everyday.

Which blog post was the most popular and why do you think it was?

w4It was the post about my wedding in Stuttgart. I can only assume the reason, but I think it was basically because it was very personal and also because the photos were gorgeous! I have to thank Kate for that.

What would you never write about on your blog?

I’m not a big fan of the word “never,” so I have to say we’ll have to see. No specifics come to mind at the moment.

What would you like to write about in the future?

More interviews with people I meet during my travels and I’m currently working on a photography series. We’ll see when it’s ready!

Which blogs do you like to read yourself and why?

The Daily Favorites down on the right side of my blog sums it up. I visit Cup of Jo and David Lebovitz almost everyday. I love them because they have great photos, they’re informative, light and fun. They also almost always have posts about travel or recipes!

What does blogging mean to you?

A place where I share my side of the story. I kind of wish I started this when I was working for the paper, there were so many interesting details from stories I worked on that had to get cut because of space issues. Better late than never.

If you had no limit in time or money, what would you love to do? (I tweaked the question a bit)

I would like to go to the North or South Pole. I think G would not really approve since he HATES the cold, but we’ll see. Heehee.

Three wishes?

Health, health and health.

(+) I would like to tag Kate and her other brilliant blog about her gluten-free diet. (Three rules apply: 1 Answer the questions, 2 post the Best Blog image with it and 3 link the blog you got tagged by)

Wedding photos by Kate, rest by rachelsanghee

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