Seoul: Cathedral wedding

e3So two of my good friends got married. To each other. I was one of the bridesmaids, although it didn’t really mean we had to do anything but carry things and make sure the bride doesn’t fall on her face. The wedding started at the salon, which was very fancy and very crowded with grooms and brides.

난 웨딩을 거의 혼자 혹은 G와 둘이 준비를 해서 한국의 웨딩문화에 대해서는 거의 문외한. 이번 친한 친구의 웨딩을 통해 처음부터 끝까지 경험하면서 느낀 것은 한국의 웨딩산업과 지키고 따라야하는 웨딩문화는 진짜 굉장하다는 것. 단 하루에 쏟아지는 정성, 관심, 사랑이 너무 벅차서 울 수밖에 없는 시스템. 친구인 나도 시작부터 끝까지 마음이 벅찼는데, 당사자는 어땠을까. (하긴, 씩씩한 신부는 안울고 우린 다 주책을 떨며 울어버림)


e2It was a very intense process: the dress and suit are delivered to the salon, the bride and groom get ready with makeup and hair, they change to their dress and suit and off they go. This happens to about four to five couples per floor and there are the mothers and friends tagging along, taking photos and wowing on the way, so it’s pretty hectic. The makeup process of the bride is amazing: both natural and bulletproof. “Layering,” said the makeup artist with a very firm stare. Another interesting thing was that the entire process was very bride-oriented. The people involved; bride, groom, the mothers and fathers; all have name tags with the bride’s name. The groom of the day wasn’t happy about this, but then what’s he going to do? Sorry, J.

미용실에서부터 따라다녔는데 모든 과정과 일들은 신부 중심으로 돌아가는 시스템. (화장은 확실히 전문가의 손길이…)모두들 신부의 이름 태그를 붙이고 있고 사진도 신부 위주. 신부님이라는 호칭도 어색한데 신랑님이라는 호칭도 못지 않게 오글거렸다. 신랑님… 사진찍을때 너무 신부위주라 신랑님께서 약간의 불만을 표했으나. 어쩌겠나(요).




e15Wherever the location, the bride usually has her own little room where she waits and welcomes friends and family. (The groom is normally outside welcoming guests with the parents.) We bridesmaids stayed in the room with the bride, taking photos and watching the time.






e16You would think the bride would be there just being pretty, but she couldn’t get off the phone.

신부님인데 손에서 핸드폰을 떼질 못함. 업무 호로몬, 문제해결 능력 폭발.

e18I’ve known both of them for almost 11 years and I couldn’t help staring at the photo of them smiling, hand in hand as husband and wife. Such a lovely, touching day. Congrats, you two lovebirds.

어디서 어떻게 설명해야할지 모르겠는 부르미의 러브스토리. 지난 11년동안 즐거웠다, 따로, 또는 함께였던 그대들과의 시간. 이제는 계속 함께인 부르미와의 시간이 기대됩니다. 왜 내가 다 마음이 뿌뜻한지 모르겠는데, 진짜 그렇다. 뿌뜻하고 너무 너무 좋다. 행복하자 🙂

All photos by rachelsanghee

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