Italian: Tiramisu

So I wrote a little about my attempt to making tiramisu last week, which turned out to be a, well, a good lesson. I got all the instructions right and had G right by my side to “coach.” I was just a little bit too excited and overdid it.

G는 이미 티라미수를 꽤 만드는 편인데 혼자 해보겠다고 난리치다가 결국… 약간 오바하는 바람에 씁쓸한 결과가 나왔다.

t2It’s a bit tricky to say where tiramisu is from. It’s from Italy, sure, but the exact origins are disputed.  The name means :pick me up” and it’s known to be rather current invention, unlike many other Italian dishes. Tiramisu is super popular in Seoul. I think you can find it in almost any cafe. Plus, good news for coffee lovers. Starbucks is testing out their new drink: Tiramisu Latte. About time!?

티라미수는 다른 이탈리아 음식과는 다르게 역사가 짧은 편이다. 언제 어디서 시작되었는지도 약간 애매모호하다. 서로 다른 지역, 가게들이 자기네가 원조라고 우기는 상황이다. 티라미수를 좋아하는 커피 애호가들에게 희소식? 스타벅스가 티라미수 라떼를 준비중이라고 한다.

t3The “original” recipe calls for ladyfingers, egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascaporne cheese and cocoa powder, but there are many variations including rum, baileys and some times even whipped cream. I personally like to add in a little bit of baileys but I don’t like to add in the whipped cream. If the mascarpone is good, I find it’s enough.

가장 기본이 되는 재료는 레이디핑거라고도 알려져 있는 과자, 달갈 노른자, 설탕, 커피, 마스카포네 치즈와 코코아 파우더. 커피에 베일리나 럼을 넣는 경우도 많음. 난 베일리를 넣었는데 다음엔 조금 더 넣어도 될듯한 느낌.


t7This is where I kind of messed up. I got too excited and dunked the lady fingers a bit too much. That’s G’s hand posing for me haha.

여기서 오바했다 나는. 더 촉촉해지라고 푹푹 담궜더니 너무 지나치게 촉촉해져서… 힝.

t6See what I mean when I say too much?

t8I also overpowdered. But that’s ok.


t10So the layers should look like the top ones. Moist, yet still intact. Al dente, as an Italian would say. The bottom ones didn’t hold up as I had hoped. Dang. 

맨 윗층처럼 약간 과자의 느낌이 있어줘야되는데 아랫층은 너무 담궈서 아예 무너져내렸다. 에잇.


  1. Mascarpone: 250g
  2. 3 eggs
  3. Sugar: 60g
  4. Sugar: 2 teaspoon
  5. Savoiardi/ladyfingers: 200g
  6. Coffee: 3-4 espresso cups
  7. Cocoa powder
  8. A pinch of salt
  9. Rum or Baileys: 1-2 tablespoon (as much as you like)


  1. First separate the egg whites from the yolk.
  2. Add 60g of sugar to the yolks and mix with mixer until its creamy.
  3. Add in the mascarpone and fold it in. No need for a mixer.
  4. Add a pinch of salt and sugar to the whites and mix until light and fluffy.
  5. Now add and fold in the whites to the mascarpone and yolk mixture with a spoon. Gently fold in with a spoon until smooth.
  6. Dunk the savoiardi or ladyfingers into the coffee/rum mix. The coffee shouldn’t be too hot. Don’t dunk them too much, perhaps 2-3 seconds. Place them on a desired dish.
  7. Add a layer of the mascarpone mix.
  8. Add another layer of ladyfingers and repeat.
  9. Powder the top with cocoa powder and chill in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours.


  1. 흰자와 노른자 분리
  2. 노른자에 설탕 60그램을 넣고 크림이 될때까지 믹스.
  3. 여기에 마스카포네 치즈를 넣어주고 믹스.
  4. 흰자에 소금 약간과 설탕 2티스푼 고고, 섞어주고.
  5. 흰자를 이제 노른자와 마스카포네에 넣어주는데 믹서기로 섞지 말고 숟가락으로 살살 접어주는 느낌으로.
  6. 커피와 베일리에 레이디 핑거를 살짝 담궈주고 접시에 담아준다.
  7. 마스카포네 믹스를 그위에 한층 펴주고
  8. 다시 레이핑거 한층더
  9. 7,8번 반복.
  10. 한층한층 올려주고 적어도 2-3시간은 냉장!

All photos by rachelsanghee

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