Five days #4: Discovering

(+) Some photos, stories and memories that happened the past week, or the last “five days.” For me and G to look back for a moment, breathe and start another new week. (+) 지난 일주일 동안의 사진, 이야기 그리고 추억들의 기록. 다음주가 시작되기 전에 잠깐 숨 좀 쉬고.

This week was about realizing (that Tiramisu is harder to make than I thought), discovering (new and interesting programs around the city) and eating (a lot of good food with friends, plus a very successful chocolate cake).

이번주는 발견의 연속.

t81First, the tiramisu that we made. Well, I made and found that I wasn’t very good at it. I wanted to try it out by myself without G’s help this time, so I went on and read some recipes, bought the ingredients and displayed all of them in a nice row on the table. The result wasn’t as good as I had expected (I dunked the ladyfingers too long in the espresso+baileys mix). It wasn’t bad, but now I know better. This bittersweet attempt will be on the blog next week.

발견 1. 과유불급. 일단 기대한마큼 실망도 약간 컸던 티라미수 만들기. G는 한번 예전에 만들어보고 성공했는데 이번엔 나혼자 만들겠다고 하다가. G가 중간에 도와주긴했는데 이미 늦어버린 상황. 비밀은 레이디 핑거를 너무 푹푹 담그면 안되는거였다. 난 더 촉촉하면 맛있을거 같아서 푹푹 담궜더니… 실패함.

271Then there was the meeting with the Stuttgart Marketing team, who were all so lovely and helpful. I also got to meet other bloggers in the Stuttgart region and it was interesting to talk, share information and also learn more about blogging in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is starting their StuttCard program, which is a card that offers various offers, admissions and discounts. Many major cities around Europe offer such services and now it’s finally here too! (And the name, so smart!) I’ve done some research, and the places included are mostly places that we would also go to enjoy ourselves, even without discounts and all. Like the Mercedes-Benz Museum (free) and Porsche museum (free). I’m planning to play tourist and try it out very soon. Once the weather lights up, that is.

발견 2. 부담백배. 블로그를 시작한지 한 5개월정도 되었는데 고맙게도 스튜트가르트 관광청에서 연락이 왔다. 블로거 미팅하는데 영문 블로그는 나밖에 없다며 와달라고. 덕분에 블로거들도 만나보고 자료도 받고 독일어 연습…도 하고. 흥분하면 빨리 말하는 경향은 전세계적인것이었다. 그래도 8개월정도 독일어 공부한 보람이 있었네… 아, 눈물이… 덕분에 다양한 프로그램도 알게되고 고맙게도 좀 더 폭넒고 자유롭게 제대로된 스튜트가르트 관련 포스트들을 쓸 수 있게 되었다. 기대하시라 오예.

2072And then there was a small dinner party/trip planning at our place. We are currently planning to go to a couple of cities around Europe, and so it was a good excuse to invite friends who will join us, have some good food and just stay warm and cozy. It actually turned out to be a bigger party than I thought, so I frantically had to add in more food. Worked out, and the chocolate cake that I made again was a success. Whew. Always use high quality ingredients. Can’t go wrong with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

발견2. 여행계획과 초콜렛 케익. 작년엔 특히 웨딩때문에 여행을 많이 못했는데 올해는 이탈리아뿐 아니라 다른 도시들도 방문할 계획. 그래서 같이 갈 친구들을 모으고 계획을 제대로 짜보고자 우리집에서 저녁 파티를 했다. 5명정도 생각하고 있었는데 갑자기 너도나도 온다는 바람에 급하게 메뉴 추가. 저번에 약간 실패한 초코렛 케익, 좀 더 좋은 초코렛 사서 만들어봤더니 성공. 초코렛 케익은 모름지기 바닐라 아이스크림과 함께. 베일리 아이스크림 집었다가 내려놓았음.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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