Stuttgart: Schnitzelhaus

So G and I are not huge fans of German food, but I do find it nice (and necessary) to find some places that are offer good German. Finding a good schnitzel place was one of those missions. Schnitzels are basically cutlets, although the German version tends to be flatter and emphasize the meat itself, while Korean and Japanese versions are more focused on the crispy coating. In German speaking countries, the word “schnitzel” comes from the word “sniz” which meant “to cut” in ancient German.

돈까스는 사실 세계 어느나라에 가도 쉽게 찾을 수 있는 메뉴. 독일이나 독일어를 사용하는 많은 나라에서는 슈니첼의 이름으로 메뉴판에 나타나는데, 사실 일본이나 우리나라 돈까스에 익숙한 나에게는 조금은 실망스러운 메뉴다. 바삭한 맛도 없고 기름냄새하며, 진짜 고기맛만 나는 정도. 얘를 먹어보면 독일인들의 음식 취향을 조금은 이해할 수 있을정도.


s2So it’s basically served with a potato salad, which is actually a staple for many German dishes. Schnitzels are commonly found in any typical German restaurant, but the quality was never satisfactory, at least for me. It can be a safe choice because you can expect what you are getting, but it’s (almost) never unforgettable: greasy, dry, not at all crispy and just plain.

말그대로 그냥 튀겨서 나온다. 옆에는 늘 그렇듯 감자 샐러드와 함께. 바삭한 돈까스에 익숙한 나는 약간 찌들고 푸석푸석한 이걸 좋아할리가 없음. 나름 너그럽게 이해하려고 돈까스 전문점이 아닌 이상 주문을 받자마자 튀기기는 힘들거야, 라고 말해왔다. 그래서 결국 전문 슈니첼 하우스를 찾아가봤다.

s3G mentioned this schnitzelhaus called Gaststätte Post he went a few years ago when he was in Stuttgart and we decided to try it. He said it was the biggest schnitzel he’s ever seen in his life, so we got really crafty/dorky and brought a ruler with us. It was indeed, the biggest I have ever seen but that wasn’t the point, really. It was GOOD. Since it is a schnitzelhaus, they do start frying the schnitzel as soon as you order and I do think this makes a HUGE difference.

The interior isn’t anything special, rustic (but not in a arty kind of way) and modest, and it does seem to be a favorite among the older crowd. But then, it doesn’t really matter when you know there’s good food. They also serve other menus but it’s quite evident what they are famous for. The basic is the Schnitzel, which is like 30 centimeters long and covers up the entire plate (there were french fried under it. Really.). It was good. Really good. I haven’t been to other schnitzelhauses, but I can say I was very happy. Crispy, steamy hot and soft and tender. (It was also good the morning after.)

Gaststätte Post라고 하는 슈니첼 전문점이었다. 전문점이라고 하지만 체인점같은건 아니고. 슈니첼의 맛도 맛이지만 크기로 유명한 곳이었다. 몇년전 동료들과 가봤다는 G의 말을 믿고 같이 갔는데 이래야 재밌다며 자까지 가져갔다. 왠만하면 창피하지 않아하는데 음식 앞에서 자를 꺼내자마자 둘다 약간 창피해짐. 인테리어는 진짜 심플하고 약간 올드한 느낌도 들지만 음식이 맛있다면야… 맛있었다. 주문하자마자 바로 만들어서 그런지 따뜻하고 바삭하고. 깨끗한 기름을 써서 그런지 기름냄새도 적고 깔끔한 맛. 전문점을 가야돼 역시.

s5G ordered the Cordon Bleu, which is a schnitzel with cheese…inside. We normally don’t order the same thing but then we decided to order the CB because the gentleman next to us was having it. Like it was his last meal. So we ordered the CB. (This turned out to be a miscalculation. It was delicious, but so heavy we both got stomach cramps. For those who are thinking to go: consider this.)

s7I told you. Heavy. But it WAS really good, so all in all, it was a win. I think.

G는 코르동블루라는 슈니첼을 시켰는데 간단하게 치즈 돈까스다. 사실 옆에 있는 독일 아저씨가 숨도 안쉬고 맛있게 먹는 바람에 시켜버렸다. 진짜 전쟁나가는 사람처럼 맛있게 먹어서 시켰는데… 맛은 있었는데 너무 헤비해서 둘다 다음날 약간 배탈남. 우린 둘이 나눠먹었는데 아저씨는 그냥 혼자 다 흡입하던데 속이 멀쩡한게 신기. 맥주도 무려 두잔을 더 시킴. 뱃속이 탱크다.

s6“빨리 찍어 빨리!”

Places mentioned:

  • Gaststätte Post. 0711 841170 Sontheimerstrasse 6, 70437, Stuttgart. They also have tables outside, which would have been lovely.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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