Five days #2: Eating at home

(+) Some photos, stories and memories that happened the past week, or the last “five days.” For me and G to look back for a moment, breathe and start another new week.

(+) 지난 일주일 동안의 사진, 이야기 그리고 추억들의 기록. 다음주가 시작되기 전에 잠깐 숨 좀 쉬고.

I don’t tend to write down New Year resolutions, but I did have a short conversation with G about 2014 when we were in Verona celebrating the last day of 2013. One of them was eating healthy and eating more at home. Which happened quite well for the last two weeks. I cooked a lot more, and also managed to follow meal schedules I had planned during the weekend.

2014년을 맞이해 결심한 것이 하나 있다면, 집에서 요리 많이 하기. 꽁치 김치 찌게로 시작.

f1One of them was mackerel jjigae, which sounds peculiar but is a Korean traditional soup dish. I used the canned version of the mackerel my mom sent me from Seoul, added some radishes, onions, garlic cloves, green onions and some kimchi. The pot is also a traditional clay pot which I brought with me from Seoul. It was not bad, not bad at all.

확실히 이런건 뚝배기에 먹어줘야 맛이 난다.

And then there was this glorious clip by food journalist Michael Pollan. So the bottom line is that you should “eat everything you want but just cook it yourself.” Yes, sir. I laughed during the part where he says that it’s just so easy and simple to go out and buy a box of french fries, while making it yourself is such a hassle. The oil, the parchment paper, the cutting of the potatoes, the laying out… I like cooking, but a hassle is a hassle.

마이클 폴란이라는 기자가 만든 동영상. 결론은 아무거나 먹되 직접 만들어서 먹어라. 직접 만들어 먹으면 확실히 건강한 재료와 방법으로 요리를 하게 되는것은 사실인듯.

f2I was craving for blueberry muffins, but the store didn’t have any. So I bought mixed berries and followed the same recipe I used for the blueberry. I personally preferred the blueberry, but G preferred the mixed berried version. Hmm.

블루베리 머핀을 먹고 싶었으나 블루베리가 없었던 관계로 급하게 변경. 믹스베리 머핀. 생각보다 괜찮았지만 난 그래도 블루베리…

s2Another favorite is sushi. Ok, technically, this isn’t sushi, it’s more like a sushi roll, but it’s healthy, easy to make and quite satisfying considering the VERY pricy Japanese sushi places (that are really good) around Stuttgart. (I recommend Kurose if you are in Stuttgart. Excellent Japanese, recommended to us by a Japanese) I think we eat this at least once a week. Too frequent, maybe.

베를린같은 큰 도시는 그렇지 않겠지만 적어도 여기는 스시의 개념이 굉장히 포괄적. 일본인이라면 기가 찼을 음식들이 스시라는 이름을 걸고 있다. 예를 들면 연어를 넣은 김밥을 만들어서 튀겨버리거나, 오이하나 넣고 김밥을 둘둘 만다거나 하는 등. 그럴때마다 (중국인 웨이터가 없을때) 열심히 설명한다. 아이들아, 이건 스시가 아니야. 튀김 김밥 사진을 찍어놓고 스시 먹었다고 하면 안돼.

s3And of course we had to have some indulgences. Because one, I was running out of ideas and two, it was my 30th birthday on Thursday. Getting older, not so sure getting any wiser. So we had a birthday dinner at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants called Takeshii. Asian restaurants in Stuttgart are a bit confusing because they tend to serve almost every Asian cuisine: a little bit of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese. Takeshi is very modern, yet not so fancy so perfect for a date, dinner with friends or even for a nice, quite birthday dinner. They have excellent cocktails (their cocktails are 5.50 euro each every Thursday. I like the Bangkok fever) and their food, very nice and huge servings (our favs are the fried duck with green curry and the beef stir fry with veggies).

이번주는 나의 30번째 생일주. 나이는 먹는데 그만큼 더 지혜로워지는가에 대해 진지하게 고민했다. 결론은 “잘 모르겠다”로. 그래서 이날은 내가 좋아하는 음식점 중 하나인 베트남 음식점 다케시로 고고. 사실 간판은 베트남이라고 써붙였지만 일식, 베트남식, 태국식, 한식도 있다.



s8Next we went to have some tea at one of the most popular cafes in town: Hüftengold. Always packed and we often had to either wait a long time for a table or just go somewhere else. Their cakes are nice, but my favorite is their Chai Latte.

그러고는 또 내가 좋아하는 카페 중 하나인 후프텐골드로. 차이라떼 고고.

s10Birthday tulips. Let’s do this! 

Places mentioned:

All photos by rachelsanghee, Video voice by Michael Pollan, illustrations by Kerry Hyndman and A Damn Fine Media Production

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