Five days #1: Besigheim

(+) Some photos, stories and memories that happened the past week, or the last “five days.” For me and G to look back for a moment, breathe and start another new week. Should have started the first week, but oh, well. Better late than never.

(+) 지난 일주일 동안의 사진, 이야기 그리고 추억들의 기록. 다음주가 시작되기 전에 잠깐 숨 좀 쉬고.

Stuttgart can be pretty slow and quiet during the weekends, especially Sunday when everything is closed. And I mean EVERYTHING. Which is why we sometimes try to find some place to go or something to do: going to the theater/opera, (finding a place to) have brunch, cleaning the entire apartment or visiting small German towns around the area. Like Besigheim. Unfortunately the website is only in German. (G has already been there when he went to see our wedding DJ in action at a club. Excellent service, I would say.)

어릴적을 제외하고 서울에서 자란 나로써는 일요일날 (거의) 모든 가게들이 문을 닫는다는건 상상조차도 하지 못했던 일. 이제 일년이 넘어가도록 살고 있지만 지금도 아직도 이해불가. 그래서 이런 날에는 뭘 하냐: 그나마 열린 카페에서 브런치 (미리 예약 안하면 집으로 고고), 공원으로 산책, 오후에 (가끔하는) 공연을 보러 가거나 아예 집 대청소. 또 하나의 방법은 주변 마을에 놀러가기. 이번에 간 곳은 베식하임이라는 마을이었는데, 너무 작아서 30분만에 다 봐버림. G가 작년 결혼식때 음악을 담당해줄 디제이를 만나러 갔다는 곳인데 그땐 여름이라 볼만했지만 지금은 겨울이라… 한번 씨익 둘러보고 바로 와버림.

b6The Deutsche Bahn annual ticket G has includes services like a free plus one during the weekends for both local and regional trains, so we used this to our advantage. Our good friend R also joined us after asking if we wanted to have some afternoon coffee/cake. We persuaded him that Besigheim will probably have some coffee/cake too. (They did but we eventually came back to Stuttgart to have them.)

아직 크리스마스 느낌이 물씬.

b1I would so hang this all year round. So pretty.


b3Besigheim is a very small town, about 30 minutes away from Stuttgart. It’s mostly famous for its wine and it holds a wine festival during the summer.

스튜트가르트에서는 기차타고 한 30분정도 걸리는 거리인데, 한 15분 지나니까 바로 주변 배경이 (약간) 도시에서 시골로 전환. 안개가 너무 껴서 큰일이 났는줄. 와인으로 유명해서 여름엔 와인 축제도 한다고.



b7It was famous for its very sturdy and long walls that defended the city. Many parts of it have been destroyed over time, but you can still find the walls here and there, mostly all connected to the houses and Cathedral.

Note to self: come back in summer.

다음엔 여름에 오도록.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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