Giovinazzo: Christmas time

Christmas time at home (Italy) is pretty simple. For one thing, the streets and squares are all light up and it’s just so lovely to watch all of them. Like this one.

크리스마스는 이탈리아에서. G의 아버지가 편찮으신 관계로 크게 파티를 하거나 화려하게 보내지는 않지만 서로 오랜만에 얼굴 보는것만으로도 뭔가 따뜻해지는 크리스마스다. G의 집에 가면 가장 많이 하는 일이 바로 산책. 거의 하루에 두세시간은 꼭 산책을 함.

c1And there’s the Nativity scene where you can see all around the neighborhood.

성당 앞은 물론 집안, 집밖, 길거리 등등 다양한 크기와 스타일의 예수 탄생을 찾을 수 있다. G네 집에도 미니 버전으로 전시되어 있음.


And then there was this little guy. I had no idea who or what he was supposed to be.

얘는 뭐하는 애인지 대체 모르겠다.


And, of course, there was a lot of good food. G’s family don’t have any Christmas staples but it’s mostly seafood, pasta, salsiccia and good wine. This was used as a pasta sauce, but I just had to take a photo. Try getting this in Stuttgart. Nope, you can’t.

이탈리아의 크리스마스에 꼭 먹는 음식을 물어보자 다들 고개 갸우뚱. 닭이나 오리를 먹는 집도 있고 G네 집처럼 가족들 모두가 좋아하는 음식을 먹는 경우도 있고. 우리의 경우에는 다양한 해산물, 이탈리아 소세지 살시챠 그리고 다양한 종류의 파스타들.



And shrimps! My fingers turned pink.

손가락이 분홍색으로 변할때까지 먹은 새우들.

We switched our hotel this time and it was so much better than the last one. It was a bit away from G’s home, but it was much more modern and served yummy breakfast. It was a shame it was winter, it would have been a great place to stay during summer, but nevertheless, great hotel, great price (50 euros per day) and great service.

이번에 새로 도전해본 호텔. 전 호텔은 아는 분이 운영하는 곳이라 갔었는데 이번에 새로 방문. 대만족.


c8Those are all olive trees outside. The hotel was surrounded by millions of olive trees.

After a looooong lunch, we would go out for a walk. Mostly along the sea and port. Italy is known for its heat, but during the winter months, it does actually gets pretty cold. Especially if you live near the seaside. The WIND!

이탈리아는 겨울에도 더울거라는 예상을 깨고. 바닷가라 바람이 엄청 불고 그래서 그런지 뭔가 독일보다도 추운 느낌.


Sometimes we would meet some cats looking for some food.

밥먹고 나면 늘 나갔던 산책. 중간 중간에 고양이들도 만남.


We also went back to Cisternino to eat the meat bombs. I think we ordered 1kg per person, which was a bit crazy haha. But they were amazing. We also tried the salsiccia. It was good, but aways go for the bombs. The bombs were the bomb. Woops. (I had to go for the bomb joke. It was just there, staring at me.)

저번에 갔다가 감동받은 고기폭탄…을 또 먹고 왔다. 얘는 진짜 먹으면서도 뭔가 이건 내 몸한테 미안할 정도로 헤비한데 계속 먹게 됨. 병이다 병.



And then we walked along the narrow streets of Cisternino, not because we really wanted to, but it seemed reasonable after eating a truck-load of meat in one sitting.


We found pretty signs like this one along the way.


c14The guys had to take a cup of espresso. I think it was almost around 11 p.m., but who cares? I didn’t take it this time, but I still had my fair share of espressos during the trip.


c17Hope everyone had a great Christmas! G and I are on a short little trip through Bologna, Verona and Milan. Which means a lot of walking, gelato, (window) shopping, meeting friends, museums and photos.

독일로 돌아가기전에 볼로냐, 베로나 그리고 밀라노로 고고! 늦었지만 메리 크리스마스, 그리고 곧 다가올 2014년, 모두들 복 많이 받고 행복한 새해가 되시길!

All photos by rachelsanghee

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