Balaton: The fog

b1A quick preview of Lake Balaton that I visited a few weeks ago for work. It’s a summer paradise, (think lovely and long beaches, swimming in the lake, super chic bars and cafes, wine tasting tours and lavender farms) but when we were there, it was pretty cold. This meant rain, wind and the most intense fog I have ever experienced in my life.

CNN Travel 기사로 헝가리에 다녀왔다. 제일 유명한 부다페스트말고 다른 도시를 집중취재해야해서 결국 찾아간 곳은 발라톤이라는 큰 호수가 있는 동네. 발라톤 강을 중심으로 도시가 모여있는데 생각보다 너무 괜찮아서 놀람. 역사적으로도 헝가리인들에게는 중요한 휴양지라는 발라톤인데 내가 갔을땐 안개가…너무 껴서 목숨걸고 다녔다. 자세한 역사와 소개는 차차. 본격적으로 안개 소개.

b4It was a bit of a pain to reach from Stuttgart, but this was mainly because it was a bit of an impromptu visit. I took the night bus, which meant traveling through the night until morning, and although it was a bit stuffy and uncomfortable, it was, well, different (It was cheap and safe but very tiring).The one thing I liked about it was the fact that I could see the city from like 5 a.m. Not from a hotel window or cafe, but from a moving bus! It was fun to see the city wake up so early in the morning, but then again, not sure I’ll be trying that in a while.

갑작스럽게 가야하는 스케줄이라 밤버스를 택해서 갔는데 주변 경치를 쉽게 볼 수 있다는 것, 가격, 생각보다 안전하다는 것 빼고는 추천하기가 영. 말그대로 밤을 새서 아침에 도착하는 스케줄이라 잠은 거의 못자고 불편한 자세로 꼴딱 밤새야했다. 대신 아침일찍 부시시한 얼굴로 학교/회사 나가는 사람들의 모습을 보는건 재밌었음.

b3I wasn’t kidding about the fog. We were driving throughout our visit and it was actually pretty life threatening.

차 빌려서 다니는데 진짜 목숨이 위태로울정도. 10분이면 될 거리를 30분 걸려서 감.

b2This kind of looked like a scene from Harry Potter or Narnia. Minus the yachts.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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