Prague: Foodie

p51Since Czech and German cuisine overlap, G and I managed to try out different places. We tried out an Italian place that was not so great, but had a fun program where kids could come and make their own pizza.

Then there was a very traditional place called Pushkin cafe, where the waitress spoke Czech, English, Italian and German and was the happiest lady on earth. (The cafe is part of the Pushkin hotel and restaurant. The pasta could be better but their steaks were pretty good. Their ham and cheese plate also looked good, guessing from an Italian couple’s order nearby.)

너무나도 관광지스러운 냄새가 나서 피하려고 했지만 결국 가고만 푸쉬킨 카페. 생각보다 괜찮아서 놀람. 파스타 종류는 피하고 되도록 스테이크류를 집중 공략하도록! 튼튼…하게 생기신 아주머니가 주문을 받으시는데 독일어, 영어, 이탈리아어 구사. 너무나도 자연스럽게 4개국어를 자유자재로 구사하셔서 독일어 공부 안하던 나는 약간 부끄러워짐.


We also went to the Hemingway Bar, which we actually found by mistake but read about numerous times. I was a bit hesitant because of the name, but it turned out to be a great place with yummy cocktails (Try the Hemingway Daiquiri).

Drinking in Prague is pretty easy. There may be some places that stand out (cocktails are fantastic, music is great etc), but it’s not that groundbreakingly different when it comes to beer or cocktails. The Hemingway Bar was a bit more modern, CLEANer and less chaotic. The waiters meant business: very (for some people a little too?) professional, perfect English and I loved their dapper-looking suits and trousers. It’s one of those places where the waiter knows best, and personally, I didn’t really mind. (No photos because we were coming back from an opera and my camera didn’t fit into my purse. Shame.)

프라하에서 괜찮은 바를 찾는 일은 그리 힘들지 않았다. 여기서 말하는 바는 뭔가 젊은이들이 많고 구석구석 테이블과 의자들이 약간 널부러져있고 담배도 약간 피워주고 내 친구가 네 친구고 네 친구가 내 친구고 보헤미안의 냄새가 잔뜩나는 바를 의미한다. 이건 진짜 아무데나 들어가도 여기 젊은이들이 먹고 마시는 분위기를 마음껏 느낄 수 있을 정도. 길을 잘못 들어 한 20분을 헤매다가 우연히 찾은 헤밍웨이바는 약간 다른 분위기였다. 워낙 유명한 곳이라 이름은 알고 있었지만 이렇게 우연히 찾을줄이야. 일부러 찾아갔어도 못찾아갔을 엄한 위치에 있긴 했지만 분위기도 인테리어도 특히 웨이터들이 건방진 느낌이랄까 (좋은 의미). 옆 의자 가지고 오면 혼나는 분위기. “아니, 손님. 그러면 이 자리 안되고 저 자리로 안내해드립니다.” “아, 예.”

p52Dessert was a bit tricky. It was either gelato, which was just too cold, (cheap) hot chocolate, mulled wine (which I’m not a big fan of) or another round of the Trdelník. So…we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to have something more conventional. It was HUGE and quite fancy. We, well, I had Hot Fudge Brownie. Vanilla ice cream+hot fudge+brownie+chopped walnuts+chocolate sprinkles+whipped cream+cherry. I actually felt bad eating it all.

제대로 된 디저트를 먹자하여 (내가…) 한국에서는 망해버린 하드락카페에 가서 이름만으로도 느끼한 핫퍼쥐브라우니를 먹어버림. (사실 하드락을 보자마자 난 바로 이게 머릿속에 띵 하고 떠올랐다) 헤헤. 거짓말안하고 다 먹었음.

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All photos by rachelsanghee

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