Prague: The view

pp2Again comes the power of red roofs. I’m now calling it the RR effect. It took me a while to realize the beauty of Prague. In Florence, the shock was immediate. I was amazed by the red roofs, pink skies and fairy lights all around the buildings and trees. We were not very lucky with the weather in Prague, and the season too, but nevertheless, we at least were able to enjoy the scenery without being poked in the eye with an umbrella.

프라하를 제대로 느끼려면 역시 높은 곳에 올라가야! 프라하 성으로 고고! 어떻게 올라가지 고민하고 있는데 알고보니 바로 코앞까지 트램이 데려다줌. 프라하 교통에 확실히 우리 둘다 감동받음. 다른 도시보다 한국인들 (특히 신혼부부)이 훨씬 많아서 가는 곳마다 한국어가 들려 왠지 반가운 마음까지 생겼다. G도 아시아인을 볼때마다 한국인! 한국인!하면 반가워함.


pp3This cafe was so pretty with the open scenery, but it was oh, so cold to drink anything. It’s on the way down from the Prague castle and toward the tram stations. Speaking of trams, moving from one place to another in Prague is so easy and convenient. It was what made our travels so much easier and enjoyable. I agree that getting lost during travels is inevitable, but that’s when you get lost like once or twice for about 20 minutes. Not ever time you step into a new street for more than an hour. Everything in Prague was so well connected and easy to find.

나름 날씨가 추웠는데 밖에서 저렇게 맥주를 마셔주는 관광객들. (독일인 아니면 러시아인으로 추정) G는 따뜻한 남쪽 이탈리아에서 나고 자라서 조금만 날씨가 추워져도 벌벌 떨기 시작한다. 저렇게 밖에서 코트를 입고 찬 맥주를 마시는 일은 상상초월. 바람이 조금만 불기 시작하면 장갑, 모자, 지퍼 다 쫙쫙 올리고 다님.


pp1All photos by rachelsanghee

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