Prague: Cuisine

p50U Fleků is one of the most famous traditional Czeck cuisine restaurants in town. It was founded in 1499 and so it’s referred to be the oldest breweries in Prague. It was a bit tricky to find, but if I had to go to one traditional place, this would be the place.

맥주가 유명한 곳이라 그런지 음식도 굉장히 독일스러움. 엄청 헤비하고 느끼했다. 주재료는 고기, 빵, 감자. 생각만해도 과일이랑 샐러드가 먹고 싶어지는 메뉴들. 여긴 수많은 전통 레스토랑/맥주집 중 하나인데 1499에 시작해 비공식적으로 프라하에서 가장 오래된 곳이라고. 찾기 약간 힘들어서 중간에 포기할까 생각하다가 다른 곳에 가도 똑같이 헤맬 것이 뻔하여 끝까지 찾아냈다.

p40There’s no menu for drinks here. As soon as you sit down, waiters carrying 20 thick glasses/mugs of beer on one shoulder place your mug on the table. Then comes the smaller shots of liquor, which come in two different tastes: herbs and honey. This was like poison to me, but it was supposed to be like an Aperitif. An Aperitif of blazing fire, if you ask me.

들어가서 자리에 앉자마다 웨이터가 메뉴판보다도 맥주를 먼저 가져다준다. 맥주 말고는 음료가 없음. 그만마신다고 할때까지 빈잔이 보이면 바로바로 리필. 맥주와 함께 가져다주는 샷은 두가지 맛:  예거마이스터랑 비슷한 허브맛이랑 꿀맛. 새끼손톱만큼 마셨는데 혀가 타들어가는줄. 슬라브족 계통이라 그런가 맥주도 샷도 굉장히 강한 맛이라서 (한술 한다는) 우리 둘다 약간 힘들었음.

p41The beer, or lager if you want to get technical, was AMAZING. It tasted like beer+coffee+butter+bailey. I know, it sounds weird and a bit gross but that’s what it tasted like. It was a bit too creamy and heavy so we couldn’t have more than one. Which was a shame but a relief too.

독일 맥주는 깨끗한 맛이 있는 편인데 이 레스토랑에서만 만들고 여기서만 맛볼 수 있다는 맥주, (라거였음)는 버터+커피맛이었다. 흑맥주랑은 다른 느낌. 맥주로 유명해서 테이크아웃으로 팔기도 한다는데 들고 다닐 생각이 끔찍해서 관둬버림.

p42The lights are beer mugs. Smart.



p44Czech cuisine is surprisingly, yet quite obviously, similar to the German cuisine. It’s closely related to beer, so the dishes are heavy, very filling and meaty. A lot of meat, potatoes, bread pudding and gravy-like sauces. One dinner was enough for us.


p47Those little shots of hell.

악마의 샷.

p48A lot of reviews complained that the waiters were not so polite or friendly, but come on. Have you seen what they carry around on their shoulders? Lose concentration and someone could get seriously hurt. For a busy place like this, I think their manners and service was pleasant enough.

이걸 3분에 한번씩 한쪽 어깨에 들고 왔다갔다하는데 보는 내 어깨가 다 결림. 굉장한 집중력으로 들어올려서 같이 사진찍자는 말은 꺼내보지도 못했다. 뭔가 한쪽 어깨만 아놀드 슈왈츠제네거처럼 굉장할 듯.

p49All photos by rachelsanghee

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