Prague: Places

p32One thing I find important when traveling/ exploring a city is the “where to go” factor. What to do is important, but I find that this comes naturally once I decide where to go. And unless you are staying for over a week, which almost never happens unless it’s home in Seoul or Italy, you need to set priorities. I like to mix it up: do the touristic, but still leave in some room for impromptu events or excursions and also look around first and decide where I want to go.

교통이 너무 편리해서 즐거웠던 프라하. 그래서 결국 어디를 가도 상관없어서 나처럼 결정장애가 있는 사람에겐 힘들수도 있는 곳.


p30The astronomical clock in Prague was built in 1410 and is the oldest one that is actually working. It’s the third oldest astronomical clock in the world. There’s a 30 second to one-minute “show” every hour, which is…really not much of anything. But the intricate detail on the clock and around it is indeed impressive and the entire building and clock looks wonderful with the background.

예쁜건 인정하지만 굳이 시간 맞춰서 30초정도 하는 쇼를 봐야할 정도는 아니라고 생각. 하하. 다행인건 다른 도시 시계들은 하루에 두세번밖에 안하는데 프라하의 시계는 매시마다 쇼를 해줘서 감사.



p35This was an interesting work of art. Well, not literally, but in some form it WAS art. There was a note attached to the side of the piano, explaining the “Pianos on the streets” project. Cafe and bar owner Ondřej Kobza installed pianos in the street, station halls and libraries around the city for anyone to come up and play. There are 12 pianos available around the city and you can look them up here. This was really cool. I realized that art makes a huge part of Prague, and this was one of those real, actual happening artistic moments I was lucky to find.

보헤미안이라는 단어는 보헤미아라는 체크의 지방에서 따왔다. 워낙 예술을 즐기고 예술로 유명한 곳이라 보헤미안이라는 단어가 곧 우리가 지금 알고 있는 자유로운 영혼+미술, 음악+ 관찰자 등등의 뜻으로 발전하게 된 것. 그래서인지 곳곳에 고개를 돌리게 만드는 패션이나 음악, 미술 등이 많았다. 카페지기인 Ondřej Kobza는 프라하 곳곳에 피아노를 설치해 지나가는 누구나 잠깐 앉아서 음악을 즐길수 있게 했는데, 뭔가 자유로우면서도 예술적이어서 (예술적이라는 단어가 좀 이상함) 우리 둘다 감동함. 피아노를 칠 수 있었으면 좋았겠지만 둘다 듣는 것 외에는 음악에는 문외한이라… 살아있는 예술이란 이런 것.


p37Then came the shopping, although I didn’t buy anything. Except coffee. Palladium is one of the largest shopping malls and indeed there were a LOT of shops. Great place to shop or just walk around. I never really liked Starbucks, except for the universality, cozy lights and the amazing staff who are geniuses to make so many different drinks in so limited time, but I was curious how they would spell “rachel.” Well, there you go.

Places mentioned:

All photos by rachelsanghee

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