Prague: Street food

Street food in Germany, or at least Stuttgart, is pretty simple: Pretzels, sandwiches and crepes. Seoul is a completely different story. They have EVERYTHING. And sometimes, even better than restaurants. In Prague there was the sweet and oh, so addictive Trdelník, hot dogs (which had the BEST dogs), chunks of meat and vegetables on skewers and roasted boar/ piglet. Oh, and beer.

어딜가든 길거리 음식처럼 재밌는 구경거리도, 먹을거리도 없다. 프라하에서도 역시 지나칠 수 없었는데, 생각보다 결과가 좋았다. 별거 아닌것처럼 보이던 이 핫도그처럼 생긴애도 맛있었고 하루에 두개씩 먹었던 Trdelník (발음 불가능) 도 맛있었음!


sf2This hot dog didn’t look like much, but we got curious when we saw so many people eating them. They were actually surprisingly good. And easier to eat than a hot dog. With the BEER.

아래가 막혀있어서 사실 핫도그보다 먹기 훨씬 편했다. 이런 간단하고도 놀라운 방법이…핫도그는 먹을때마다 불편해서 잘 안먹는 편인데 얘는 굉장히 편해서 우걱우걱. 체크 사람들은 바게뜨 사랑이 대단. 어딜 가든 바게뜨 가게가 있고 이렇게 길거리에서 파는 빵들은 대부분 바게뜨.


sf4This is Trdelník (I have no idea how to pronounce that. I just kept on going “the sweet, cinnamony stick thing”). It’s originally a Hungarian snack, but it made way to Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

It was quite addictive to watch them make it and also when it just rolls around the fire. I almost wanted to ask them if I could try making it. It tastes like a cinnamon doughnut. Slightly crunchy on the outside with a delicate, soft inside. Then again, the shape kind of reminds me of those gloves women wore way back in the day. And the SCENT! You can smell it from far away and think about nothing else until you get your hands on it. I had two per day. Not so bad, if I do say so myself.






sf10At first glance, I would go for the skewer, but the sausages were so much better. And with the beer!? Faint.

이거! 이 몸에 안좋아보이는 빨간 소세지가 진!짜! 맛있었다. 맥주와 함께… (얘네 왜 맥주 빨대로 마셔…)


sf12I have to say I was tempted to try this just by looking (smelling) at it, and in the end we did. But it was pretty pricey, not THAT good and a bit bland. Plus it was pretty cold outside to eat on the street and with a not-so-great dish, it was even colder. But then again, the two HUGE men were eating the meat with their bare hands (I’m not kidding), so I guess it was just us.

겉보기엔 너무 대단하고 연기랑 냄새도 강해서 다들 감탄하면서 줄서서 기다리는데 막상 먹어보면 실망. 말그대로 그냥 고기 덩어리. 뭔가 이벤트에 속은 느낌. 왠만하면 먹지 마세요.

sf13All photos by rachelsanghee

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