Munich: Dallmayr

I don’t buy much things during my trips, both because I believe souvenirs (almost) never look good at home and I’m always worried my suitcase will get lost or explode somewhere during the journey. One thing I like to do is to find a brand that has its HQ in wherever I am visiting. In Stuttgart, it would be Mercedes Benz, Porsche or Hugo Boss. In Munich, there’s Allianz, BMW and Dallmayr. I was in Munich for just a day (late booking-> bad tickets-> no other options-> less than 24 hours layover), so the BMW museum seemed a bit tight and Allianz… umm, not really. So Dallmayr it is.

여행 다니면서 생긴 버릇 몇가지 중 하나가 여행하는 도시에서 시작된 브랜드를 찾아보는 것. 스튜트가르트의 경우에는 벤츠와 포르쉐, 휴고 보스가 제일 유명하고 뮌헨은 알리안츠생명, BMW 그리고 커피와 초코렛으로 유명한 달마이어. 하루밖에 시간이 없어서 박물관에 가기는 빠듯했고 결국 알리안츠생명과 달마이어 둘 중 하나 선택. 결정하는데 별로 오래 걸리진 않았음. 히히.

Dallmayr is one of the biggest luxury food stores in Germany and dates back to the 17th century. It first opened in its current location between 1671 and 1700 by a Munich citizen Christian Reitter. It was later bought by Alois Dallmayr, hence the name. It served royalty and also made daily deliveries to princes and princesses of Bavaria. An interesting fact that caught my eye: It was the first store to import bananas from the Canary Islands to Germany. BANANAS! It was also the first store to open a cold food buffet, in other words, a salad bar.

커피와 초코렛으로 유명하지만 다양한 먹을거리와 마실거리를 제공한다. 예를 들면 참치(캔), 다양한 종류의 소금, 허브, 기름 종류, 시가, 케익 등등. 직접 만든 케익과 샐러드 간단한 요리도 판매함. 대신 가격은 역시나 만만치 않다. 달마이어 역사를 알아보다가 발견한 재밌는 점! 독일에 바나나를 최초로 소개한 회사였다. 또 하나는 독일에 샐러드바라는 컨셉을 가장 먼저 시작한 회사였다는 것. 이 추운 나라에 바나나라니. 그때 당시 독일인들의 반응이 어땠을지 진심으로 궁금해짐.

Their coffee brand is very well-known and I have to admit, the beans are very nice. (I’m not much of a coffee bean expert, though.) One thing I noticed was that the employees were so nice and smily. (Not very common in Germany, I have to say.) Their blue and white outfits were lovely and their display, impeccable. There was also a nice cafe on the second floor where you can try out their coffee, teas and cakes. If you’re sick of beer and sausages, which can most certainly happen, stop by for a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Oh, or coffee.

 All photos by rachelsanghee

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