Olbia: Back to summer please

summer6It’s raining in Stuttgart and according to Yahoo Weather App, it seems it will be raining for quite some time. There are some times when the sun comes up but then it gets all cloudy again. We always joked that the reason why there are so many great thinkers and philosophers is because of the weather. When it’s this cloudy and rainy, there’s nothing much to do but to stay at home, have a warm cup of tea, read and think. And Germans do THINKING well. We live right next to Hegel Haus, now a museum, where German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born. (G is a HUGE fan and he tells this fact to everyone back home in Italy)

Which is why I needed to see some sunshine, even if it meant on the screen. (One of my favorite bloggers also explains her experience.) Photos from Olbia, Sardinia. Drool.

비가 오기 시작하면 가을 그리고 겨울이 온다는 신호. 거의 매일 조금씩은 비가 온다. 하루에 한두시간은 해가 나긴 하지만 바닥이 늘 촉촉한 상태. 그래서 가끔 이번 여름에 다녀온 해변, 햇빛, 여름 사진 꺼내보곤 함.


summer2우린 독일에 철학자가 많은건 날씨 때문이라고 늘 주장한다. 그도 그럴것이 우리 집 바로 옆건물이 헤겔이 태어나고 자란 집. 지금은 박물관이라서 그 건물 벽 한쪽면에 헤겔 얼굴이 큼지막하게 걸려 있어서 가끔 밤에 올려다보면 깜짝 놀라곤 한다. 비가 계속 오면 그 건물을 쳐다보며 궁시렁 거리기도 함.




summer8Ah, memories. We waited for about an hour for a taxi right at this spot. Note to self: When in Olbia, RENT a car.

I don’t think I would want to get on a Vespa here after seeing them drive. Good thing is that they all wear helmets. Or was that because there was a cop?

summer9I didn’t change the color on this one. The sea is just THAT blue. Or is that turquoise? Green?

색이 너무 초록색이라 들어가기가 약간 두려울 정도. 물감 풀어놓은 것 마냥.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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