Giovinazzo: Home

16I’ve seen the photos so many times already, but it’s always fun to see them again. (Which reminded me of all the photos in my Macbook…) We normally go home for a certain reason (birthdays, Easter, Christmas) but I think it was the first time we went without a specific purpose. And it was nice, for a change: home food, loooong conversations, an interesting drive for some serious meat, nephew’s birthday party, midnight pizza dinner aaaaand a six-hour delay at the airport. Minus the delay, it was great. A good/ bad thing about these visits is that I’m always holding something to eat in my hand. But then, that’s what happens when you are at home, right?

G의 아버지는 편찮으셔서 집에 갈때마다 걱정반, 반가움 반이지만 예전 사진들을 보면 마음이 편안해진다. 둘다 이미 다 아는 사진이고 본 사진들이지만 갈때마다 앞에 서서 하나하나 다 보고 들어가는 버릇이 생겼다. 이번 주말여행은 공항에서 여섯시간 기다린 것 빼고는 편안하고 역시나 배부른 시간. 아침부터 저녁때까지 계속 손에 먹을 것을 들고 있었으니, 참.


18Happy birthday, from Grandpa Domenico and Grandma Anna. Written by me, read by nephew who tossed it over after three seconds haha.

정성들여 썼지만 제대로 읽지 않고 바로 선물로 달려가는 여섯살.

31This boring, topping-less pizza is called a Pizzella, which is not even listed anywhere in the Internet. A breakfast/ snack in Giovinazzo, and G’s personal favorite. It doesn’t look like much, but you find yourself eating three pieces, which is like more than half the size of a small pizza.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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