Strasbourg: Around the city

I had no idea but the tale of storks bringing babies comes from the Alsace region. I was a bit confused when these huge birds came up in practically every form: dolls, hats, kitchenware, clothes, bathmats, candles, postcards, shoes, flags…but later learned that the stork is one of the most famous features of the town. Apparently, they are endangered now, but the region is striving to bring them back. The real, live ones, I mean, not the souvenir-cup type. And I hope they succeed!

아기를 물어온다는 황새의 고장. 어딜가나 황새관련 기념품들 천지. 난 약간 새를 무서워해서 예뻐보이지 않았다 하하.




125All photos by rachelsanghee

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