Strasbourg: Cheese

Ordering in Strasbourg can be tricky: we were not sure if they would “accept” English, we couldn’t speak French of course, and then we were’t so sure if they would understand German (although it is so close to Germany and a lot of the menus are in German). So it all came out at the same time, something like,  “Excuse me, uh… haben sie Karte, the menu? Bitte? Please?” This apparently confused the waiters. But then it only took a few seconds (and awkward glances) to decide which language was comfortable for both parties (it was German). I did notice a bit of an improvement in this area, but we did get into a small spat with a young lady waiter who refused to cancel a water we had mistakenly ordered.

The cheese board (and wine, which is not seen in the photo) was lovely at L’Épicier Grand Cru. The waiters were so sweet and nice and were very eager to talk about their cheese and wine selection. And yay, they spoke English (and German).

파리에서는 영어를 써도 불어로 대답했는데 (메뉴도 굳이 불어 메뉴를 준 곳도 있었음 참나) 적어도 여긴 영어나 독일어로 대답했다. 대신 웨이터들이 다 예쁘고 잘생겨서 용서가 절로 됨 하 하. 치즈에 대한 사랑이 대단한 G는 점심으로 굳이 치즈 보드를 먹어야한다면서 이곳으로 (64, Grand’Rue, 67000 Strasbourg, 09 83 68 98 69) 끌고 갔다. 잘생긴 웨이터가 “자, 이건 까망베르, 이건 살라미…”설명해주는데 여기까지만 알아듣고 나머지는 못알아들음. 작은 접시에 있던 Terrine (푸아그라랑 비슷한 컨셉인데 덩어리…가 더 큼. 그림상은 진짜 먹기 싫게 생겼는데 맛있음!)는 너무 맛있어서 둘다 쇼크받고 바로 사버림. 이런 먹는거에 쇼크 잘 받아서 문제다.

The Alsace region actually has its own wine route called the Alsace Wine Route, although we couldn’t make it this time. Numerous companies offer wine tours and trips but you can also just pick one or two villages along the 170 kilometer route and stop by for wine tasting. Taking the train didn’t seem very convenient, so I believe taking/renting a car would be best.  

대부분 유럽국가에서는 익숙하지만 적어도 우리나라에서는 익숙하지 않은 행동을 꼽자면 윈도우쇼핑 (문을 닫았건 열었건간에 창문에 착 붙어서 구경함)과 나아가 플레잇 쇼핑. 테라스에 나와서 식사하는 사람들의 음식을 (노골적으로) 쳐다본다. 맛있어보이네, 저건 별로네 하면서. 이것도 나름 쇼핑이라면 쇼핑인건가. 처음엔 어색했는데 어느 순간 나도 힐끗 보기도하고 내 음식 쳐다보는 사람들도 이상하게 느껴지지 않는다. 오히려 맛있어요, 맛없어요 얘기해주고 싶은 마음까지 생김.

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All photos by rachelsanghee

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