Stuttgart: Wedding details

I first found our photographer Kate on the internet (surprise, surprise). It was after I browsed through the rather scary looking wedding shots (what’s with trashing your wedding gown?) and sites of local photographers. There were amazing ones too, but were out of our price range and the ones that were relatively cheaper were just..well, bad. It’s safe to say that everything in Germany comes with a price. The higher the quality, the more flexible and convenient the service, the higher the price. And I mean, like, way higher than you would think.

Then there was Kate. I loved her as soon as I read her website/blog. Loved her style and detail of her work, her flexibility and her strong hand. She meant business, amid all the cell phone cameras of friends and family, and I appreciate her for being so firm and professional.

서비스와 조금이라도 연결이 되어 있는거라면 가격이 확 올라가는 독일. 여기서 가격이 적당하면서 마음에 드는 컨셉의 사진을 제공하는 작가를 찾는 일은 가장 힘들었던 일 중 하나였는데 아이폰 카메라와 DSLR이 난무하는 가운데서도 끝까지 자기 위치 잃지 않았던 사진작가 케이트의 프로페셔널리즘이 그렇게 고마울 수가 없었음.

All photos by Kate

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