Baden Baden: Maybe later

The reason why I have only coffee and cake photos is because that’s basically just what I did. (which was actually an award-winning dessert cafe called Café König. Good call.) Except stopping by the famous casino, which was supposed to be the main attraction, minus the hot springs. It was oh so fancy but also oh so surprisingly dull. No emotions at all. People, who were by the way dressed impeccably, just walking around throwing chips on the tables, walking away and coming back to take their win. No smiles, no shrugs (no photos too). Zero expressions, zero twinkle in their eyes. Was this supposed to be cool? I assumed this wouldn’t be the Las Vegas type where you can’t hear your partner’s voice unless you shout, but this was just depressing.

I actually had some high hopes for Baden Baden. But there were too many fancy expensive shops and department stores, which in my opinion, not that interesting for a three-hour train ride. I’m thinking it would have been better if it was summer, with more green in the area. Next time, BB. Next time.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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