Paris: The tower

There should be like a million photos of the Eiffel Tower on the web, but I find that the Eiffel Tower itself looks a bit…bare and cold when it’s all on its own. Which is why I insisted to go to rather awkward places to take a different angle. Got soaked wet and almost got hit by a car after these shots. (There was a moment when the driver was about to swear at me in French, I rushed to the sidewalk and kept on looking down at my camera.)

이상하게도 혼자 하나만 띡 하고 찍으면 굉장히 외로워보였던 에펠탑. 날씨가 추워서였나. 결국 비를 맞아가며 골목 골목을 들어가서 (외로워보이지 않도록) 앵글을 잡았다. 두번째 컷은 맥북 화면으로 보니 일본 만화 컷처럼 나왔다. 그림판으로 그린 것 아님.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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