Paris: The BB

tumblr_mhdtu7zt5t1qb4fgeo1_1280Beef bourguignon. Even the tackiest places had pretty good ones. If you don’t know what to get, get the BB. It was my first trip to Paris (awaiting the day when this sentence will seem foreign and oh so far away) and that’s what I did. No regrets. Showing in the background is the famous Montmartre mussels. Wasn’t a big fan, but maybe it was because I didn’t do enough research. I preferred the BB. These hasty decisions were made due to the lack of time to research, but I think it was the perfect opportunity to try different, ahem, versions of the BB.

뷔프 보기뇽. 처음 경험해 본 파리였기에 레스토랑에 가면 다양하게 다 먹어봤는데, (샌드위치, 연어, 스테이크 등등) 결국 어딜가든 얘만한 애도 없었음. 자신없다면 BB를 주문! 적어도 후회는 없다. 우리나라 갈비찜에서 달콤함을 뺀 맛. 아, 몽마르뜨의 홍합은… 서울 이태원 몽마르뜨에 가서 먹거나 리서치를 조금 더 해서 갑니다. 잘못 먹으면 비린내가 진동. 레몬 10개 뿌려도 안됨.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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