Stuttgart: Christmas details

One of the biggest Christmas markets in Germany. Don’t be fooled by the “Christmas” market, because these stalls sell more than tree ornaments and candy. It depends on the stalls, but there are some that sell kitchen goods, socks, clothes and even leather bags. Perhaps it’s just to make it easier for you to shop for almost anyone, but it was unexpected, at least for me.

They do seem a bit plastic, but then that’s what it’s about. They do have very nice ornaments and possible Christmas presents for kids, but pretty pricey. Which is also an obvious thing.

The mulled wine, which is a very popular and traditional drink at these markets, is terrible haha. Which is why I preferred to drink hot chocolate or just the kiddie cinnamon drinks.

독일에서도 제일 큰 크리스마스 마켓 중 하나로 꼽히는 Stuttgart. 굉장히 굉장한 (?) 가게들로 붐비는 곳. 살거리, 먹거리, 볼거리, 마실거리 많고, 특히 크리스마스 관련된 종이나 장식품 등이 많다. 하지만 그외에도 뜬금없는 생활용품 (우산, 빗자루, 쟁반, 후라이팬…) 들도 많아서 약간 당황.

이때 처음 마셔본 글루와인…은 별로였음. 뜨거운 와인이라고 생각하면 되는데 와인이 뜨거워지니까 취기가 확 올라오는 느낌. 독일 와인은 딱히 독하지도 않은데 뜨거워서 그런가, 마시자마자 헐! 거림. 그래서 다음에는 어린이용 시나몬티를 마셨습니다.

: Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt, Germany

All photos by rachelsanghee

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