Milan: Rooftop

On top of the roof

The grandest roof I have ever seen in my life. Yes, there were some huffing and puffing along the way with fellow tourists sighing and stopping midway, but it wasn’t that bad.  (There was this Japanese man in his 40s who was sighing so hard I had to check on him every thirty seconds just in case he fainted. His face turned white when we finally reached the top.)  Interestingly enough the roof was both grand and sad, at the same time.

Normally when I go up to a rooftop of a church or any type of building, it’s obvious you would be starting out to the scenery, but this was one place I kept on watching (and gawking over) the structure itself. The scenery seemed like the second act.

내가 본 지붕 중에서는 최고로 멋진 지붕. 뭔가 웅장하면서도 슬픈 느낌이었다고 해야하나. 멀리 보이는 경치보다도 지붕 자체가 너무 예뻤음. 엘레베이터타려면 한참 기다리고 돈 더 내야해서 까짓거 걸어올라가자. 두려워했던 것과는 달리 해볼만했음. 뒤에 있는 일본인 아저씨가 기절할까봐 계속 뒤를 확인했던것만 빼면.

All photos by rachelsanghee

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