Stuttgart: Spring fest

This is the spring version of the “Oktoberfest.” So basically the same tents, beer, food but being held during the spring. It was quite amazing to see so many young and old dressed in traditional costumes (dirndl for ladies/lederhose for men). I don’t think anyone I know would wear a hanbok to a Korean festival. Nope, no one will.

Equally amazing was how everyone knew and enjoyed similar tastes of music, food, atmosphere, not to mention the clothes, without getting bored. All you need is beer, chicken (which was really good), a table and folk or rock music. A German fest is upon you.

10월에 열리는 옥토버페스트의 봄 버전. 같은 분위기, 같은 음식, 같은 맥주 등등 날씨와 계절만 빼고 모두 같다. 다들 전통복을 입고 등장. 여자들의 전통복은 던들인데 가슴을 강조한 디자인이 좀 놀라움. 민망할 정도로 가슴들이 안녕! 하고 있는 상황. 한복이 조금 다니기 불편해서 특별한 축제에 입고 가면 예쁘긴 예쁠듯.

The swing thing was actually impressive. Hair flying in the wind, legs dangling below, breathing into the fresh air…all sounds like a wonderful combo. However, I was scared. Yup, I said it. This seemed a bit terrifying.

이건 진짜 무서워서 못 타겠더라. 심장이 튀어나올 것 같아서….

All photos by rachelsanghee

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