Rome: The Trevi

I think I did everything I could do: bought a book, ate gelato, bought some postcards, threw a coin into the Trevi, took photos in front of the Trevi before throwing the coin, sat in a cafe drinking a latte watching other tourists taking photos (which is, I admit, a bit creepy), got lost in the middle of the street where I was pretty sure the drivers were trying to run me over, a lot of hot chocolate and museums.

로마에서 할 수 있는 그리고 하고 싶었던 일들을 (작정하고) 다 해봄: 트레비에서 동전 던지기, 동전 던지기 전에 던지는 포즈로 사진 찍기, 로마관련 책 구매, 엽서 구매,  젤라토 먹기, 사진 찍는 다른 관광객들 구경하기, 핫초코 마시기, 박물관 가기, 길 잃기 등등.

The Capitoline Museum is a must, but there’s also a lovely little cafe inside the museum. Well, on top of the museum to be exact. It’s called Caffe Capitolino and you can have some simple drinks, snacks or even lunch. A perfect, not well-known surprise for museum + cafe lovers.

카피톨리노 박물관 꼭대기에 있는 카페를 추천합니다.

Places mentioned:

All photos by rachelsanghee

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